Anthelmintic Imidazoles

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  • Cheap NitroimidazoleCAS:527-73-1,2-NITROIMIDAZOLE

    Cheap NitroimidazoleCAS:527-73-1,2-NITROIMIDAZOLE

    English name:2-Nitroimidazole
    Alias:11a;amicin;AZOMYCIN;ro05-9129;AZOMYCINE;2-NITROMIDAZOLE;2-nitro-imidazo;2-Nitroimidaxole;WLN: T5M CNJ BNW;2-NITROIMIDAZOLE
    Melting point: 287 ° C (dec) (lit.)
    Boiling point: 211.75 ° C
    Density: 1.5988
    The refractive index: 1.4264
    Storage conditions: Refrigeration
    Solubility: NH4OH: soluble50mg/mL, the clear, yellowtoorange
    The intermediate of Misonidazole, an oncology radiosensitizer, is used as an organic synthesis intermediate.
    It is used to prepare nitroimidazole-substituted boric acid as a precursor for hypoxic tissue imaging. It is also used to prepare site-available selective radiosensitizers for tumors rich in estrogen receptors.

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