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In October 2022,General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Party’s Twenty National Congress, the “three musts” were put forward: All Party members must remain true to their original mission and keep their mission firmly in mind; must be modest and prudent, work hard; and must have the courage to fight and be good at fighting.

This is another great voice made by the General Secretary at a critical juncture of China’s and the world’s development, which is calm, profound and responsive to the complicated international situation.

Sticking to the “three musts” is equally important when it comes to business growth.

We must stay true to our original purpose and remember our mission. Ordos Electric and Metallurgical Group’s original aspiration — to warm the world, adhere to 40 years. In the process of pushing forward another 40 years, the Group is still sticking to its original aspiration. To serve the motherland and the society with quality, humanity and gratitude; To lead the staff to achieve life, common prosperity, toward a well-off for the initial goal, unswerving commitment, warm gene throughout. Over the past 40 years, the Group has carried out its original mission with practical actions. It has donated 500 million yuan worth of goods and materials in various public welfare activities such as financial assistance to students and disaster relief, built more than 30 Hope primary schools, paid 33.2 billion yuan in taxes, and directly employed more than 40,000 people.

The mission of Erdos Electricity-Smelting Group — whether it is “establish national ambition, create a world famous brand” at the beginning of the enterprise, or “Create a world famous brand, run a century-old strong enterprise” with The Times, reflects the responsibility, action and practice of the enterprise responsibility and vision: a deep sense of home and country, lofty direction of development. We can not help but issue such a feeling: the establishment of enterprise mission and whether to achieve the mission seriously, really determines the survival of enterprises for a long time or not! Who is to say that there is no methodology involved in such mission objectives? Who’s to say that such a mission goal doesn’t have longevity genes embedded in it?

Be modest and prudent and work hard. Modesty, prudence and hard work are particularly important for enterprises, especially those in the rising period. In order for all 40,000 employees of the group to form such a fine tradition, it is necessary to make the culture of modesty and thrift become a habit and a common trend. In order to consolidate this cultural gene, the group has been tailor-made from top to bottom for the grass-roots level, continuously implementing the “learning type, safety type, conservation type, clean type, harmonious type” and “five type team”, and has achieved remarkable results. And this is just the “four first-class” at the beginning of the factory, namely “when the first-class staff, do first-class work, first-class products, first-class benefits” fine tradition imperceptitiously. The result of giving new connotation and inheriting and developing it.

Only those who have a clear head, enough learning ability and insight into the industry can always know their own shortcomings, and can “get new things done every day, every day, and every day again”.

And the third must, must dare to struggle, be good at struggle, for enterprises is also important for reference. In the face of invisible competition, how to improve their competitiveness and survival ability, this is also the “struggle” ability of enterprises as market players!

Ordos Electric Metallurgical Group also has its own strategic thinking and planning, and a consistent.

Adhere to long-termism: keep strategic focus, keep action endurance, focus on the goal, long-term planning, long-term persistence, self-breakthrough, iteration and upgrading.

Adhere to the endogenous drive: embrace the trend, go their own way; Do your own thing.

Adhere to high quality development: thickening advantages, gathering potential innovation, continuous improvement, quality and efficiency; We will set new benchmarks for green transformation and industrial upgrading.

The above management rules in the emphasis: to continue to firm enterprise faith, do a lasting operation of the Chinese national enterprise; In the development process of the entity enterprise, it always responds to and firmly implements the relevant policies and measures formulated by the state, and has a high degree of coordination between micro and macro. Adhere to innovation, in the energy industry circular economy industry to achieve new breakthroughs, new improvement, new leap-forward, focusing on the theme of high-quality development, the pursuit of “quality” and “quantity” in tandem, coordinated progress, all the way forward on the new journey of high-quality development.

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